Riverdale season 3 : The Gargoyle King is actually a woman ? The theory WTF !

The Gargoyle King is actually a Queen ! The big bad of season 3, of Riverdale would actually be a woman. This is the theory WTF of the week !

Archie, Betty, and the other took a small break for Thanksgiving, but the season 3 of Riverdale is coming very soon on the CW. For several weeks now, we know that there is a new villain in the small town. This last, the Gargoyle King, is bound to be a game particularly dangerous “Gryphons and Gargoyles”. Jughead has only one idea in mind : to confront it ! The boyfriend of Betty went nose to nose with the big bad. Will he join him ? Can he unmask ? Theories rife about the identity of the Gargoyle King. Hiram, for example, is one of the biggest suspects in season 3 of Riverdale. However, if it is expected that this is a man, the Gargoyle King could be a woman, and not any ! This is the theory WTF of the week.

Riverdale saison 3 : Le Gargoyle King est en réalité une femme ? La théorie WTF !

Hermione is the Gargoyle King ?

According to a theory more popular on the web, Hermione Lodge would be the Gargoyle King in season 3 of Riverdale ! If its storylines are not really developed, she is always present at the decisive moments of the series. If she seems to be under the influence of her husband, she is, in fact, far from being a simple pawn. Archie thought to work with an FBI agent in order to demolish the Lodge, but the officer Adams was later revealed that he was working for… Hermion and curiously, not Hiram. And if the mother of Ronnie had other secrets ? It was she who had found the game G&G in the 90’s in the episode flashback. It is also in charge of making the game popular to Riverdale High since the ban as the mayor only made the students more interested to play. In the last episode, the Gargoyle King has ordered the warden Norton to kill Archie. Then it has failed, the assistant to the director informs him that Hermione Lodge is on the point of visit him but he kills himself immediately before his arrival. He tried to escape the Gargoyle King ? If this theory is not 100% convincing, it will still need to keep an eye on Hermione ! In the meantime find a new episode of season 3, of Riverdale, also discover if Lili Reinhart (Betty) has announced the return of SPOILER and its link with the Gargoyle King.

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