Rizqy and Anglade agree with nationalist turn at PLQ

The proposal of the young Liberals is a hit. MPs Marwah Rizqy and Dominique Anglade, who are expected to take part in the leadership race of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), both agree that nationalism should resume its place within the party.
“The Liberal Party is the party of Quebeckers. I think it’s a very strong message, and I’m very comfortable with what the young Liberals have been talking about so far, “commented Ms. Anglade.

The young liberals are launching on Tuesday evening the workbook that will lead to the PLQ Youth Congress in August. In this book, the return to nationalism and Quebec pride is put forward as a means of “rebuilding bridges with the francophone majority”.

Mrs Anglade, who preferred answering questions in English before answering the Sun’s questions on nationalism, is still very comfortable using the term. “I have no problem with the word that is used. It has to be open, inclusive. But absolutely. And it is imperative that this speech also be more present in the Liberal Party. ”

Ms. Rizqy also believes that the interests of Quebec must be defended first. “For a number of years, the Liberal Party of Quebec has been the builder of major projects, so young Liberals want us to renew our liberal DNA. That’s the message they send us, “she says.

When asked to define nationalism or the Quebec nation, Ms. Rizqy hesitates. “First and foremost, it’s our Quebec needs. Do not be aplaventrism in front of Ottawa, “she says.

Flag of the patriots

In mid-May, the PLQ acquiesced to the Parti Québécois request to ensure that the Patriots’ flag floats on the flagpole of the National Assembly on National Patriots Day: a first. In 2017, former Liberal Prime Minister Philippe Couillard opposed this request from former PQ leader Jean-François Lisée.

Dominique Anglade has even published a video on social media to mark National Patriots Day. She paid tribute to “those who stood up so that we can live today in a freer and more democratic society”. “Let us be proud of the legacy left to us by the Patriots. The people of Quebec are a distinct people, proud, free and able to make their choices, “she said.

The commitment of MP Marwah Rizqy to this flag of the patriots is much more timid. “Our political party agrees with that (it floats in the National Assembly),” she briefly commented Tuesday.

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