Roberge is thinking of the “camps up” for students this summer

Roberge songe à des «camps de rattrapage» pour les élèves cet été

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The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge

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The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, toying with the idea of recalling some of the students on the benches of school in a few weeks before school starts so that they participate in a ” camp-up “. His suggestion was received in a manner diametrically opposed by the two largest teachers ‘ unions in Québec.

The proposal, which would pre-empt the return to school in three weeks for the students and the volunteer teachers, is poorly received by the president of the autonomous Federation of teachers (FAE), Sylvain Mallette.

“The teachers consider that they are capable of doing the work according to the current schedule “, he said Friday, during an interview with The Duty. “There is no question of depriving the students and their parents of their vacation. “

Mr. Mallette is in agreement with the need to make a revision of the learning basic at the beginning of the school year in the fall, particularly for preschool students, the first two years of primary school, reception classes and for those who enter at the secondary level.

This is in full what advocates for the FAE, he assured.

However, the labour leader has said that they believe the catch-up had to be done in the first weeks of the school calendar usual, and the observance of contracts of employment, of the Act on public education, the school System and guidelines of the public Health.

For him, there is no question that teachers return to work earlier than they usually do.

In the Face of resistance expressed by some, the firm Roberge explores various options, including to appeal to students in the bachelor of education degree so that they give a helping hand to students who need it.

Join the students vulnerable

The Federation of trade unions of education (ESF), the president Josée Scalabrini has been fairly favourable to the suggestion of the minister… on the condition that it reaches ” the right targets and good students “.

The suggestions of the minister Roberge for back early are so far focused on volunteerism, and the head of trade union is concerned that this formula operates to the detriment of the students most vulnerable.

“I say [to the minister] : if your goal is still to go and seek out vulnerable students and that we are in the volunteering, is that it is not digging a bigger gap ? “, she asked.

Already, back-to-school volunteer outside of the Greater Montreal seems to mark a trend : more students from favoured backgrounds are returned in class, revealed The Duty on Friday.

“[For] the students who had more difficulty, for which it was less easy, the gap has widened since the beginning of the pandemic, she said Scalabrini. “This is why they say:” next year, it press, the face-to-face. It press, the human contact to be able to accompany these students, to see it in their eyes those who have difficulties, […] those who need the most help. “

The president of the ESF is not concerned to see teachers return to work during the summer, on a voluntary basis. “The summer courses, it has always existed and teachers who wanted to provide summer courses, it has always been. It has never prevented the course of the summer, ” she recalled.

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