Rocketman: Elton John’s bio steals the show in Cannes

It’s not always the films of the competition that spark the craze at the Cannes Film Festival. Four years ago, Mad Max: the road of chaos sparked a frenzy. Same thing Friday with Rocketman – a real madness. Everyone was in a hurry to enter the Grand Théâtre Lumière. And the biomusical drama of Elton John’s rise to the rank of rock superstar literally stole the show!
D lready Thursday evening, the red carpet had caused delirium, due to the presence of the extravagant musician, with his alter ego, Taron Egerton ( “it was the best day of my life”) and director Dexter Fletcher, who delivered a film at the height of his subject. If it is necessary to play the comparisons, he far exceeded, by far, Bohemian Rhapsody (he had finished filming after the dismissal of Bryan Singer).

The director has fortunately freed himself from the usual straitjacket of the biographical drama, in particular taking certain liberties with reality and by presenting the songs not necessarily in chronological order, but in connection with the moods of the singer. Same thing on the cinematographic plan where he allows itself visual deliriums often splendid. He also decided to play it musical comedy with cleverly orchestrated camera movements and colorful choreographies.

It is a real explosion of sounds, light and magic projected on screen by the filmmaker. Of course, the life of Reginald Dwight (his real name) lent itself to it. The first shot, while Elton John opens doors in a flamboyant devil’s costume, gives the note: the viewer will have eyes full.

The Briton enters therapy, declining the impressive list of his addictions (alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, name it ). A pretext for going back and his unhappy childhood with a rigid and distant father, and an egocentric mother. Fortunately, there is a piano and his grandmother who encourages him.

The following is known: his partnership with Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell), success, homosexuality, self-destructive excesses … So much loneliness and need for love.

Dexter Fletcher had carte blanche and he was not embarrassed. “Elton wanted it to reflect his life, without hiding anything. He let us tell this story. That’s why I think it’s a success on many levels. For us and for him, “he said in a press conference.

All is not perfect. We would have spent the psychopop aspect. And to blackmail certain parts by other characters than Elton is not the idea of ​​the century. This writes, nothing to say about the interpretations of Taron Egerton – absolutely confusing in the skin of the singer. “It is a heavy responsibility that I had to assume. I especially prepared myself by spending a lot of time with him. “If Rami Malek won the Oscar by playing Freddy Mercury, Egerton will have his chances.

Rocketman is a popular big film, with a bold realization. It’s rare.

During the screening, Elton John was moved to tears, we were told. A good indicator …

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