Roman Nasirov: the Experience of Germany for the Ukrainian local communities

Роман Насиров: Опыт Германии для украинских местных громад

In Germany there is a useful tradition that should pay attention — once a year the audit that the bulk of spending funds from the local budgets. Does this Union of taxpayers. Examine all the costs, and then publishes the report of the most strange cases. It’s not about corruption, but rather about empty, spending money on unnecessary things. For example, on the warm soccer field at the stadium, where the winter no one plays, or on fences for dogs in the parks.

In Ukraine for several years, local governments have increased three times. There are 874 territorial community and, most already have direct budgetary relations with the state budget. Recently, the Ministry of Finance has revealed information on the 9 thousand local budgets and now all you can see and check. Remains the problem with the management. The money is there, they can and should spend on a community, but often local officials simply do not know how to do it. You need to choose programs to run, monitor and be held accountable. Accordingly, it is easier to put in the Bank. So the control of the society should be a tool that the local budgets work for the people. To check a) what are the money or b) why not spent. This year, the government reallocated funds from the local budgets with this explanation that if they don’t use them, then others they will need. I will not discuss politics here. If there were real projects that work and which are funds, then the story would be somewhat different.