Roman Nasirov: Why our people are working on the GDP of other countries?

Роман Насиров: Почему наши люди работают на ВВП других стран?

A little sad statistics. 7 to 9 million Ukrainians working abroad. This is according to the Ministry of social policy. And a half of working Ukrainians. Over three quarters of 2018 they transferred home $ 8 billion a year will be about 11 billion U.S. dollars. 2 billion more than in 2017. Private transfers only in July-August 2018 — 7.5% of GDP. This is the official data of the national Bank.

Under the new IMF program for 14 months. will provide Ukraine $ 3.9 billion Is almost three times less than men for the year transferred to earnings, reports the observer.

Of course, most of the Ukrainians working in Poland. Yet. A few weeks ago, the German government has approved two bills that will definitely have an impact, and subsequently significantly alter the labour migration situation in Ukraine and in Poland. In Germany the average salary is two times higher than in Poland, plus a million vacant jobs. As soon as the German labour market opens for Ukrainian experts predict that Poland loses up to a third of GDP growth.

It would be interesting to see the numbers and hear the opinions in Ukraine And how many loses the Ukrainian economy, if up to half the working population works outside of Ukraine? And why Ukrainian business today instead of having to invest in own development, more inclined to play it safe and wait for real change?

Recall, December 11 the District administrative court of Kiev has reinstated the Roman Nasirov Chairman of the State fiscal service of Ukraine. Thus, the court found that the elimination of the Roman Nasirov from the post of Chairman SFS in March 2017 and the release of 31 January 2018 was illegal. The decision has come into effect since the moment of its announcement. The lawyer of the Roman Nasirov Lubomir drozdovskii stressed that public authorities, in particular the Cabinet, should immediately follow the above decision of the court. Nasirov assumed powers as the head of the GFS 27 Dec 2018. This is confirmed by the special order of the Department. Nasirov also published the main indicators of budget revenues.