“Roskosmos” was accused of the theft of millions

«Роскосмос» обвинили в многомиллионных хищениях

«Роскосмос» обвинили в многомиллионных хищениях

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has started investigation of the criminal case on embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the establishment of T-170 telescope, “Hubble”. About it reports “Kommersant”.

The amount of theft is 28.5 million rubles (425 thousand dollars). Investigating the case under article about swindle in especially large size.

In Roscosmos said that the company is cooperating with the investigation.

Orbital telescope T-170M will be put into operation in 2021. It will be used for producing photo and spectroscopy in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum that are inaccessible to study from the Earth because of the atmospheric effects.

Earlier, Russian satellites detect launches of US missiles burned up in the atmosphere.

Russia unsuccessfully launched a satellite “meteor-M”. The device is not went into orbit and most likely fell. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about the space plans of the Russian Federation. In 2019, the Russians are going to launch a mission to Mars and start a lunar program with the automatic, and then manned missions to Earth’s satellite. However, it is unclear whether it will turn out to implement it successfully, because Russia is technologically behind and lost space in the market.