Roswell, New Mexico : check the trailer intriguing and moving of the reboot

It is finally here ! The trailer’s eagerly awaited reboot of Roswell, New Mexico has just been released and it is intriguing and moving !

It is the year of all the second chances. The reboot of Roswell is revealed little by little ! This new series from the CW promises us an eyeful, and we make it back to childhood. Broadcast for the first time on January 15, 2019 after the midseason premiere of The Flash, the new characters should succeed to seduce us. The plot is thrilling and looks, of course, the original series, which could appeal to fans of the show. Also, a new trailer of Roswell, New Mexico just see the day and he announced a series intriguing, romantic, and above all, very moving !

Roswell, New Mexico : Découvrez enfin le trailer intrigant et émouvant du reboot

A love story exciting !

A forbidden love ! As you can see in this trailer of Roswell, New Mexico, Max Evans will be shared between his love for Liz and his secret that could endanger it. According to the synopsis of this reboot, Liz, a native of Roswell, has left everything behind 10 years ago after the death of her older sister. But after the government reduced funding for its biomedical research, it will be forced to return to live with his father, in his hometown. It will return with Max, her first love who became a police officer. Their chemistry is instant, but Liz discovers her terrible secret… He is an alien just like his sister, Isabel and their friend Michael and they have hidden their supernatural abilities. This love story exciting will-t-she all these obstacles ? In the meantime, find out if Alias has the right to his reboot !