“Run America”: playing in the dirt

«Courir l’Amérique»: jouer dans la terre

Photo: Sylvie-Ann Paré

Dubois explains that he wanted to create a work at the height of the shock he felt while researching the francophone presence in America.

The starting point of the most recent show of the Théâtre PÀP, a creation of Alexandre Castonguay, Patrice Dubois and Sun Launière, these are two books by Serge Bouchard and Marie-Christine Lévesque, published by Lux Éditeur : They ran the America and They have made the America, themselves inspired from the radio series produced and broadcast by Ici Radio-Canada Première, remarkable forgotten.

Dubois explains that he wanted to create a work at the height of the shock he felt while researching the francophone presence in America. At the height also, it doesn’t hide it, expectations of the various Boards of the arts and Heritage Canada. To give birth to this show “symbolic” and ” current “, the director has invited two artists to the less charismatic to join : Alexandre Castonguay, actor abitibien, and Sun Launière, a multidisciplinary artist originally from Mashteuiatsh, innu community established on the western shore of lake Saint-Jean.

Adopting the form of the work-in-progress, a process which is rapidly running out, Running America intertwines the pages of history, and the performative actions, the intimate stories and collective, often very fragmentary, and the images, incompréhensiblement mundane. Metaphor of the territory, roots and borders, the death and rebirth, the earth is literally being released, searched, thrown by the handles. Punctuated by discussions of ethical and aesthetic on the work in progress, trade working clothes where the humor fuse before fall flat, and where critical issues are formulated and then left, the show does appeal to a group of citizens without giving them the word.

It will in particular make reference to Étienne Brûlé, the first French to cohabit with Aboriginal peoples, Mary Iowa Dorion, who has ” followed the course of a century that traces the border between Canada and the USA “, of Shanadithit, last survivor of the nation beothuk of Newfoundland, Marie-Anne Gaboury, explorer of what is now Western canada and the grandmother of Louis Riel, Suzanne La Flesche-Picotte, the first female doctor aboriginal of the United States, and Sindy Ruperthouse, an Anichinabée missing Val-d’or in 2014…

Unfortunately, rather than fill our holes of memory, rather than to render justice to the men and women who have built and settled, built and flourished, dreamed and invented, rather than tell, and to represent the horrors of yesterday and today, in the hope that they never repeat themselves, the show, yet sorely needed on the paper, yet steeped in noble intentions, never takes his momentum in the space, never reaches its form, can never find its consistency.

Run America

A show of Alexandre Castonguay, Patrice Dubois and Sun Launière. A co-production of Théâtre PÀP, and the Small Théâtre du Vieux Noranda. At the Quat’sous until 28 march.

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