Sainte-Adele denounces the opacity of the CISSS regional

Sainte-Adèle dénonce l’opacité du CISSS régional

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Home Wilfrid Grignon, Sainte-Adèle, where a team of CISSS of the Laurentians has been dispatched to take care of the elders.

A team of CISSS of the Laurentians has been sent to the House of Wilfrid Grignon, an intermediary resource (IR) is grappling with an outbreak of COVID-19, where several employees saw a chaotic situation. The mayor of Sainte-Adèle is concerned about the lack of transparency of the CISSS, which refuses to reveal the number of residents infected.

“The CISSS would not give us the official figures. Citizens who have relatives in the interior are not necessarily aware of what is happening there “, says Nadine Briere. According to the mayor, almost half of the 74 residents of the RI are infected by the coronavirus. A balance sheet that it said to have developed by surveying health professionals in the service of the House Wilfrid Grignon, who has a storefront in the municipality.

“As it is an intermediate resource, we can’t disclose the data for confidentiality reasons “, replied the CISSS of the Laurentians. The residents of RI — loss of autonomy for mild to average, or even struggling with a physical or intellectual disability — are sent to these private schools by the public network.

When the nurses at the CISSS arrived, it was dirty, the bins were outside, the household had not been done for a long time. It’s been a few weeks that patients had not been washed. They were pity.

— Denis Provencher


The CISSS Laurentides, but we have confirmed that over twenty of its employees were called in reinforcement in the RI. In addition to the staff deployed on the ground, support is also provided in the management of the private residence. A manager, a coordinator and a consultant in infection prevention and control have been dispatched to the spot.

This deployment of forces of the CISSS made following a recommendation from the department of public health and was carried out in collaboration with the operators of the resource, refers to the CISSS of the Laurentians.

According to Denis Provencher, president of the Federation interprofessional of the health (FIQ) for the Laurentides region, eight female employees of the RI have resigned since the beginning of the crisis. Thirty staff members would be quarantined.

“When the nurses at the CISSS arrived, it was dirty, the bins were outside, the household had not been done for a long time, he said. It’s been a few weeks that patients had not been washed. They were pity. “

“I am ashamed to have worked there “, blows a clerk who requested anonymity for fear of retribution, and who is currently in quarantine due to symptoms related to the COVID-19. “It was just a matter of time before it rocks. “

According to her, the lack of staff, the disorganization and the gaps in the care provided to residents were present before the current crisis. “There is no quality care. There was no defibrillator on site. There are virtually no first-aid kit. It was just plasters “, does it.

“I came often in tears even before the onset of the crisis,” adds the attendant. I had the impression to betray me when I was going to work there. I am not able to botcher as they want to be botche. “


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The CISSS of the Laurentians, says that a defibrillator is located in the residence, and several people who worked on site were denied. “If there is one, it’s well hidden,” quipped one of them.

“This is all of the neglect out there,” says Monica Poulin, who briefly worked as an attendant at the House of Wilfrid Grignon before the crisis of the COVID. It deplores the fact that already at that time, the information about the diet of residents or their state of health were not transmitted properly to the staff. “It made no sense. “

On his arrival at the House Wilfrid Grignon last week, Isabelle Chalifoux, a nursing assistant called in reinforcements, and was immediately ” thrown into the mouth of the wolf “.

“I was sent immediately on a unit. I did not know the patients, there was no bracelet to identify them. I had neither their records nor information on their diets and I did not know the levels of care [to which they had consented] “, she says, adding you have no idea of the number of patients infected by the COVID-19. “It looks like it is hidden. “

Claudine Lamoureux, who has also lent a hand last week, said it was “horrified” by what she saw. “I didn’t think it could happen in the Laurentians. “The organization of the residence is largely deficient, supports the nursing assistant. “The first day, they told me : if you make cuts, it does not even plasters to offer you. […] Friday, I have moved from a hot zone to a cold zone. “

Isabelle Chalifoux and Claudine Lamoureux are both of the symptoms related to the COVID-19 and are awaiting the results of their screening tests.


Bernard Vandal, who resided in the House Wilfrid Grignon, died of the COVID-19 on 27 April. Her grand-daughter, Josianne St-Jacques — who is said to speak in the name of all his family — believes that the death of his grand-father was preventable. “Our grandfather […] we had expressed concern that he had to socialize with the other residents in the dining room at meal times. He told us also that no containment measure was not in force, people were walking around in the residence, and this, even after the confirmation of positive cases. “

The family of Bernard Vandal also deplores the lack of transparency of the management. “We confirmed that all was well and that the situation was under control, obviously they lied. “

“I’m not surprised to see what happens,” said for his part Jean-François Bernard, who released his mother from the House Wilfrid Grignon in January. “The bells at the foot of the beds did not work always. [The residents] were eating almost always chicken. The staff was overwhelmed, ” says the nurse. The executive has held two meetings with families of residents to provide an update on the situation, he reports. “But it has changed nothing. “

Reached by phone, Paul Arbec, president and chief executive officer of the Group health Arbec who owns the House Wilfrid Grignon, ensures that ” everything is going very well.” “This is only the propaganda of association “, has it launched.

“It currently manages more relationships with the families because of the media that due to clinical reasons “, he added, saying he did not want to make more comments.

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