Salma Hayek surprised by his statement

Сальма Хайек удивила своим заявлением

Quite unexpectedly, the logic demonstrated by the actress Salma Hayek, who in a new interview said the following: those who “bother” her on a billionaire and the head of the luxury holding company Kering (Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga), françois-Henri Pinault, really being racist.

Speaking about his marriage to Pinault, whose fortune estimated at $ 7 billion, Salma said:

“Many are surprised that I married to whom I’m married. And some people even now feel in my community uncomfortable. But in actual fact it’s another manifestation of racism: they don’t believe that a Mexican woman could achieve such a life as I, and they near me uncomfortable”.

Hayek noted that his life has taken, perhaps, “millions” of different manifestations of racism – including comments about her marriage. “There is a theory that women of color are easier to discredit,” says Salma.

Your relationship with your husband is a billionaire Hayek discusses is very rare, although the pair regularly appears on red carpets and looks happy. Salma and Francois-Henri Pinault married in 2009, are raising 11-year-old daughter Valentina Paloma. “Henry is the best husband in the world – I’m sure Salma. With him I can be myself and I don’t feel that someone is trying to limit me,” says Popcornnews.