Samsung Galaxy Note 10 : First details and release date supposed to

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 : Premi?res informations et date de sortie suppos?es

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 book its first rumors through the IDG. Of course, these information are to be taken with very large tweezers and will need to be confirmed for its release !

While the Samsung Galaxy S10 was entitled to a date of formal presentation, this is the model after whom has the right to its first rumors : the Galaxy Note 10. A phablet which delivers its information via the IDG – these last are therefore to be taken with a grain of salt ! According to the rumors, the phone would display a slab AMOLED 6,66 inches with a hole in the shape of “O” to house the sensor front-end. The processor would be a Snapdragon 855 – or Exynos 9820 for Europe, confirming the potential presence of the 5G. The fingerprint reader below the screen would also be at the rendez-vous for the Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 : Premi?res informations et date de sortie suppos?es

The screen would also be borderless with 8% more finesse than its predecessor. But the biggest change should come from the jack, which would this time be absent, as in Apple and its phones like iPhone X, which is currently proposed as a reduction to the balances. As to the release date, we are talking here about the month of August, as in previous years, in addition to a presentation at the IFA. As to the price of the phone, the IDG does not have for the moment nothing mentioned. But there is no doubt that its price should be rather high depending on the storage, the trade policy of Samsung and going up to a price increase.