Samsung Galaxy S10 : An employee of the firm by mistake leak design !

Samsung Galaxy S10 : Un employ? de la firme fait par erreur fuiter son design !

Oops, small mistake ! An employee of the Korean firm has unveiled the design of the Samsung Galaxy S10. A highly anticipated smartphone that should be presented as early as the month of February next…

Leaks are common in the environment of smartphones. The most recent of these included the Galaxy S10 with the promise of a big data sheet for the Lite version of the phone. And today, this is another leak that took place, but not only that : the design of a highly anticipated smartphone for the year 2019 by an employee of Samsung ! But, then, how such a blunder could take place ? The person in charge of the article about the update to Android Pie to the Samsung Galaxy S9 has just put a snapshot of the Galaxy S10 by way of introduction. A big mistake…

Samsung Galaxy S10 : Un employ? de la firme fait par erreur fuiter son design !

Do you have the doubts, the Internet going at the speed of light, a user of Reddit has had time to recover the photo now removed and available above ! A bad news for Samsung, which lifted the veil on the date of the presentation of its Galaxy S10 there is little. The image above, allows nonetheless to confirm some of the rumors : a small hole to accommodate the sensor front-end or even a huge screen borderless with the fingerprint reader located below. So many new features that should allow Samsung to hold its own in the game, especially in the face of the rise of firms in china.