Samsung Galaxy S9 : At a price of 499 euros, the smartphone is on promotion !

Samsung Galaxy S9 : Au prix de 499€, le smartphone est en promotion !

A Samsung Galaxy S9 at a low price, you said ? Today, thanks to ODR, the latest from the Korean firm goes to the price of 499 euros. It would be a shame to miss the offer.

This is the new promotion that you propose today the drafting of melty. A promotion to nab one of smartphones the most popular of Samsung, which has delivered new information on the battery of the Galaxy Note 9. And this phone, this is none other than the Samsung Galaxy S9 which can be found today at a really attractive price. It is CDiscount, always very generous with its customers, which is at the origin of the discount , which makes the latest from the Korean firm to 499 euros. Of course, it will go through an ODR to display the smartphone at this price : nothing complicated !

Samsung Galaxy S9 : Au prix de 499€, le smartphone est en promotion !

Displayed at a price of 599 euros, the Samsung Galaxy S9 passes for 499 euros once the ODR used. To grab the phone, just go to this link CDiscount. To download the RDAS and, therefore, take advantage of your offer of reimbursement of 100 euros, he will have to go right there. You can buy the phone in multiple colours like blue, purple or even black, thus taking advantage of its technical performance. A good way to nab one of the flagships of the most powerful current market made in Samsung (the smartphone foldable Samsung Galaxy X would sign the beginning of a new line).

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