Samsung Note 9 : The quick start guide of the smartphone

Samsung Note 9 : La prise en main rapide du smartphone

With the event, Samsung Unpacked, we had the opportunity to take in hand, the next Note 9, and here is our opinion.

During this event offered by Samsung to discover Note 9 where you can find all the info to know here, I had the opportunity to get a first glimpse of the beast, and here’s my opinion on the subject.

The design

Samsung Note 9 : La prise en main rapide du smartphone

Samsung Note 9 : La prise en main rapide du smartphone

Finally a smartphone without a notch in 2018, I didn’t think it was possible, but Samsung has done ! The design of the phone is generally successful in itself, the effects of shell beveled and the edges of the screen being the most beautiful effect. Moreover, one cannot emphasise enough the effort of the brand to propose curbs very acceptable without succumbing to the fashion of the notch. If the design is rather conventional, we must admit that the back of the phone, including the part of the photo sensors, is not especially successful or well-integrated, visually speaking. The S-Pen version Cobalt Note 9 also makes me skeptical, it being a yellow, not really elegant. The approach from Samsung is probably the stand out here, but I prefer clearly the S-Pen black and purple are associated with the colors of the other versions of the smartphone.


Despite the size, very impressive the Note 9, especially at the level of its length, it lies well in the hand. In return, the placement of the keys is not necessarily optimal, and above all, will use the phone with 2 hands or with the S-Pen. Anyway, have a phone of over 6.4 inches would be involved in this kind of daily use. Thus, I would also have appreciated that the fingerprint reader is placed slightly lower, even if it is accessible without too extend the finger.

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Samsung Note 9 : La prise en main rapide du smartphone

The S-Pen

Samsung Note 9 : La prise en main rapide du smartphone

If it does not prove to be essential, the stylus of the Note 9 is still a big asset to the range to make life easier for the user. In addition to its features, it fits perfectly on the screen of the smartphone, being an excellent accuracy. With the resolution of the screen, it is possible to draw with easily for the most creative. The key for the S-Pen also gives a good feeling, the pen does not feel cheap despite its lightness. It is quite easy to put and take it out of its slot with a small click, similar to the cartridges of the Nintendo Switch.

In conclusion

If I would expect to be able to test the Note 9 a more complete approach to its release on the 24th of August, however, the next smartphone of Samsung has left me a strong impression. Without revolution or beautiful, the design of the Note 9 is in the air time and most importantly, without notch. If I recommend it rather to people with large hands, the ergonomics of the phone is quite balanced, the use of the S-Pen is very practical.