Samsung offers 18 new easily add emoji in augmented reality

Samsung s'offre 18 nouveaux emojis en réalité augmentée

People use-they really AR Emoji Samsung ? It would seem so. And for good reason : the Korean manufacturer pushes the nail by offering 18 new of these avatars to the users.

The manufacturers are obsessed with augmented reality. It must be said that the latter has participated in the success of the game Pokemon Gb two years ago, using this technology to insert into the real 3D objects through the lens of the camera, while adapting to the environment. Samsung, which has been able to discover the realistic renderings of its Galaxy Note 9, has unveiled 18 new easily add emoji based on this technology that should delight – or non – users. And for good reason : many are those in mocking these easily add emoji to the image of the users, not necessarily of the most used !

Samsung s'offre 18 nouveaux emojis en réalité augmentée

To get these 18 new easily add emoji, it is enough to update your camera application to be able to enjoy these last. In total, 36 AR Emoji that are available to users of Samsung including the Galaxy Note 9 has a potential release date. Remains to be seen whether these will meet finally with success in the users of the phones of the south-Korean company. Apple competitor Samsung has had a lot more luck on his side. Its Animojis based on the very effective Face ID of the iPhone X have known very quickly a huge success thanks to social networks.

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