Scenes to play!

May 23, 2020

Scènes à jouer!

Photo: Louise Leblanc
Representation of the play Tale of the Sun

This text is part of the special issue to The small D

You miss your grandparents ? No weekend in their cottage this spring ? The Home Theatre offers you an artistic experience, multi-generational around theatre scenes to read or to interpret it in two voices… even from a distance ! Prepared, directed and filmed your own version of a text quebecers.

1. Invite a partner to play.

2. Choose your favorite scene. Please do not hesitate to adapt and to change the gender of the characters.

3. Watch the capsule presentation of the scene by the author.

4. Create a schedule of repetition.

5. Work on your interpretation of a character from each of your side.

6. Are you experiencing virtually (Messenger, FaceTime, Zoom, etc) for a first reading.

7. Back in rehearsal to fine-tune your interpretation.

8. Organize a representation (an interpretation of the text learned by heart) through a platform of virtual communication.

Psitt… You can save your duo on Zoom !


1. Mokatek and the star disappeared from Dave Jenniss

(A co-production Ondinnok and the Vox theatre presented at the Maison Théâtre in 2019)


• Mokatek

• Sturgeon

Sturgeon comes to meet Mokatek that mounts on the back of the fish. The two sink into the river.

Who are you, strange… fish ?

I am the Pasokos ! The great sturgeon.


You are the Pasokos ! The fish at the thousand lives ! Why I’ve never met you ?

Because I am the ancestor of your ancestors. I am the keeper of this river. Every stone, every plant and every living thing from the largest to the tiniest. You can see all the beauties of the depths ? You see ?

Scènes à jouer!

Photo: Marianne Duval

Yes, I see ! I’ll keep the images as drawings in my memory for ever.

You are a brave boy.

Nama ! Nama ! I’m not a boy, I am a pasokos !

STURGEON (laughing)

Yes, you are a fish, but you have to pursue your route.

Only to the north of all that, I desperately looking for my star.


Listen to me well. Follow the footsteps of the bear. You will find your star.

MOKATEK (for himself)

Follow in the footsteps of the bear.

The sturgeon returns to the depths of the river. Mokatek continues its road looking for bear tracks.

2. Tale of the Sun by Philippe Soldevila

(A production of the Théâtre des Confettis, in collaboration with the Théâtre Sortie de secours, presented at the Maison Théâtre in 2019)

• Stephen

• Neus

Neus, the great-grand-mother of Stephen, appears. She croons ; she is in the moon, in her world. Stephen observes. After a time, it manifests itself.

STEPHEN (softly)

Great-Yaya ? […] Hey-ho ! […] Neus ? Neus !

Ah ! […] You’re here, finally ! My great-grandson ! As I have the chance ! I never would have believed that / But… what is there, you look worried… It’s not going to ?

Uh, no, no… It’s going very well… It’s just that… that… (he improvises)

I… uh… You… I was wondering… Yayo said that you didn’t well, that is embrouillait in your head ?

Ah ! Do you know what time it is realized that it is old ?


When it falls on the behind, and, suddenly, instead of laughing, people are worried ! (They laugh.) They don’t know it, but I can hear them cry at night. (She points his head.) Because of that. (Time) what is wrong ?

STEPHEN (avoiding)

Ben… er… for Me, it’s going very well… for Me, it is my father that worries me. Me too I hear you cry, the night…

Octavio ? Ah yes ? Why ?

Ben… family Problems… You could not understand.

Me ? But why not ?

Ben… In your time, tv, the Internet and the guards shared, it was not. Families, it parted not.

Ha ! You believe that everything was simple and perfect for my time ?

That is for sure.


Just. I’m going to show you something… I’m going to show you… My story of me…

3. The weeds of Jasmine Dubé

(A production of Théâtre Bouches décousues presented to the House Theatre in 2010)

• Flora

• Momo

The Flora garden is a mix between the orphanage and the nursery. The children are in flower pots, waiting to take root in the open ground.


Are you crying, Momo ?

But no, I cry not, Flora.

But yes, it seems that you cry, Momo. This is the start of Bastarache made you cry ?

I’m always afraid that people I love leave, Flora. Like you. I’m afraid that one day you will go. P as in part, from, more, there…

Fear not, I shall not.

What is it that you know ?

I know it is like that, that’s all. It is the life that I have chosen : to live with all these children that happen to me everywhere, waiting to find a good land in which to plant their roots. My place is here. And there I rest.

Scènes à jouer!

Photo: Rolline Laporte

P like crying, cry, why…

FLORA (reassuring)

P as umbrella, beach umbrella, folding screen. P as…

P as parents, as relatives, parental… (again worried) And if you get to be in love, huh ? And if you get sick ? And if you get to be dead ? Who will take care of us ? Sometimes I’m afraid that you start to die, Flora. M like dying, M like mother, disease, death…


No, no, Momo. M as memory, mature, mountain…

MOMO (reassured)

M as well as muscular, muscari, muscarire. (They laugh.) M as a thank you, better… Give me your hand, Flora. You see, I read in your hand that there is a Mr M as in mom. And M as Momo. Since I am small, you know always find the words to comfort me. You sow the words in my head. You just do it grow in my hand.


And I haven’t finished planting words in your head and in your hand. You will find me always on your path, my little Momo.

Hey ! I’m almost as big as you. I still have a thirst, Flora.

FLORA (with watering can)

Oh ! of course, of course, my little.



4. The speakers of Sebastien David

(A production of the Théâtre Bluff presented at the Maison Théâtre in 2018)

• The Son

• The Neighbor

In the Neighbor. He holds in his hands the pieces of what was the trinket of the children of the choir.


I have not yet put in the trash
I don’t know

It looks like I’ve not been able to /


You do you want me to do ?


May as well be

You know

This is absurd in there

It is that I was an altar boy younger


Ah yes ?

Scènes à jouer!

Photo: Yanick Macdonald


It was quite common at the time

This whole religious education

You’re lucky

It may be that you can’t realize it

But you’re lucky to be born in a society that leaves you the choice


I found myself not in what the priest said

I found myself not in there

I heard just words lost in the echo of the church

But it was not to talk about it to anyone

It was quite low as I thought it

Everything down

I told myself that I wanted something else

Even if I didn’t know what to

And then

There has been this mass-there

On a certain Sunday

Maybe it was Easter

I’m not sure

In any case

The church was filled to overflowing

It was chaotic


Many of the children dispelled

And their parents who were all

And all of a sudden

In the middle of the mass

While the priest spoke, spoke and spoke

And that person seemed to listen to it

The bells

Like that

For no reason

The priest had not yet finished

It was a mistake

And this error has surprised everyone

I remember that person spoke

Person has moved

Not even the priest

Until the vibration of the bells disappears completely

For the first time

I felt that everyone had vibrated at the same time

And in these few seconds off

The young boy that I was buzzing a bit more than all the world

Because he understood

Even without the need of words

That his access to the sacred was going to go with something else


The music


And that there could be rare moments like this

Where time seems to stop

Where all the elements align so that the hearts may beat

At the same time

The Son approached the Neighbor.

THE SON (for his hands)

I’ll go and lay in it

The Son runs to the garbage and throws the pieces of porcelain.


My friend



My friend


You know what I answer today

When people ask me what I do ?



Ask me what I do


What is it that you do in life


I organize the chaos

I assemble pieces of everything and nothing

What is floating in the air of the time

That which drags the ground and stomps

To make something that resonates otherwise

And you

You have an idea of what you want to do with your life ?


Not yet

But I’ll have to begin to find an answer to this question

Because I am laying still often

This activity has been designed for the Home Theatre in collaboration with the Centre des auteurs dramatiques (CEAD).

Lively and animated, a true reference in the theatre, young audiences in Montreal for the past 36 years, the House Theatre presents each season a fortnight of contemporary performances for the young from 12 months to 17 years. It is also a leading figure in support of the public.

Founded in 1965, the CEAD is a centre of support, promotion and dissemination of the dramaturgie francophone. It has an extensive documentation centre which contains almost all the texts of the théâtre québécois and franco-canadian.


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