Scientist: a person can live to 120 years

About life extension magazine Naked Science said the famous Russian gerontologist Vladimir Khavinson. According to the scientist, to prolong human life up to 110-120 years now. To help the person can peptide bioregulators.

Ученый: человек может жить до 120 лет

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Khavinson – known and respected specialist. In addition, he is President of the European Association of gerontology and geriatrics. The scientist focuses on the fact that in modern postindustrial world life extension will play an increasingly important role. This is due to the aging population in developed countries.

Lifespan by 25% depends on genetics, 25% from environment and lifestyle, as well as other factors (such as illness, etc.). As the chief requirements of life expectancy increases Khavinson pointed to a lower consumption of high-calorie food. First of all we are talking about fatty and sweet foods. In General, it is the food culture is a cornerstone in the matter of longevity.

Second place among the requirements to increase the life is the absence of harmful habits and regular exercise. And only after all this is the use of drugs that can prolong life.

But how safe are these drugs? On this issue the corresponding answers in the affirmative. More than thirty years Khavinson and his colleagues carried out experiments with a peptide bioregulators. Originally, they were obtained from different organs of calves. In simple terms, a peptide is a miniature protein. The peptides do not form antibodies, and they can’t cause allergies. Accordingly, these drugs are safe.

Ученый: человек может жить до 120 лет

Vladimir Khavinson / ©Olga Fadeeva

Short peptides composed of several amino acids. They are absorbed into the bloodstream, enter the cell, penetrate into the nucleus and regulate the activity of genes. As you know, the aging occurs due to a decrease in the activity of genes and peptide bioregulators launch this activity again. Such experiments have already been conducted and proved the effectiveness of the concept. The introduction of peptide regulators increased the lifespan of mice and monkeys by 30-40%.

As for the people, it is difficult to draw conclusions since this experiment began only fifteen years ago. However, the survival rate in the group treated with the peptides was higher than in the group using the vitamins.

Although peptide bioregulators harmless, Vladimir Khavinson advised to know their “genetic passport” who wants to start using them. We are talking about propensities to disease, etc. If you talk about age restrictions, we are talking about the Mature age to start using peptides, you can 40 years.

Fortunately, the price is not an obstacle to the use of peptides. Their cost can range from 300 to 3,000 Russian rubles. The question of the duration of life is very important for Russia, as among men, it is only 65-67 years – much less than in the developed world. However, this is due to biological and social factors. Among the causes of high mortality: bad habits, accidents, and domestic conflicts.

In conclusion, Vladimir Khavinson noted that to increase life expectancy to 120 years now. But, as we have already said, you need not rely on “miracle” methods, and take care of your health. As for the increase of life expectancy to 300 years and more, then this speech does not go. However, even this scenario is possible. “A true scientist, to which I count myself, cannot be denied, as it is impossible not to believe blindly,” said Vladimir havinson.