Scientists announced the beginning of a global catastrophe on our planet

Ученые заявили о начале глобальной катастрофы на нашей планете

On Earth global warming has begun, and it could turn the planet from a huge disaster. As reported with reference to the BBC, the researchers said it conducted an extensive survey and found: a temperature rise by a few degrees – the limit at which the Earth will experience many natural disasters in all corners, however, if the temperature rises even half a degree, the planet is waiting for disaster – a shortage of water, destruction of flora and fauna, changes in the level of the World ocean.

Researchers have compiled a list of necessary actions for humanity to avoid disaster. In order to keep the warming of the planet at 1.5 degrees or less, all the scientists agree that emissions of carbon into the atmosphere after 2020 needs to shrink dramatically so that by the year 2050 to reach zero level.

It is also necessary to preserve the forest and engage in mass planting of trees. The third step, no less important, all countries should adhere to the Paris climate agreement and to perform all the tasks set before them to curb climate change.

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