Scientists are asked not to destroy the historic center of Kiev

Ученые просят не разрушать исторический центр Киева

To build a Museum at the Postal square is impossible. About in the comments Delo.UA a spokesman for the Institute of archaeology Vyacheslav Baranov.

“The Museum, it was necessary to design this place initially for the Museum. As there should be, where the Museum will be the inputs and outputs, as will be exposure. This was done during construction of the underground Museum in Krakow. At the Postal square this was not done. At the same time, there is already a construction of the store, who went through all the proper channels,” — said the archaeologist.

In his opinion, the creation of the Museum on the territory of the Postal square is impeded by two factors. Firstly, Ukraine does not have technologies to preserve the finds on the spot. Second, it has already driven piles for the construction of the future shopping center at the site.

“Excavations on this spot will definitely have to complete, and then finds to move to another place where they can and will exhibit in the exhibition”, — he said. On the question of where you want to transfer findings from the Post, the archaeologist didn’t answer.

However, not all experts agree with Vyacheslav Baranov.

“To create a Museum on this site in situ. Thanks to this Museum, we will be able to raise the history of Kiev, and especially the history of the Christian Kiev on a new, European level,” — said the Director of the reserve Sophia of Kyiv Nelia Kukovalska.

However, she noted that driven piles and the absence of the project cannot be an obstacle to the creation Museum in the area.

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“These are technical issues that can be addressed by the design engineers. In addition, the piles support the Postal area as the excavations in this place will still continue,” said Kukovalska.

As you know, August 8, expert Council under the Ministry of culture recommended that the findings at Post office square the status of a monument of archeology of national importance. According to Deputy Minister of culture Tamara Mazur, it will take 1.5-2 months.

5 July 2018, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the resolution No. 8541, urging the Cabinet to provide archaeological excavations at the Postal square, the status of national importance and included to the State list of immovable sites. This is stated in the resolution, which was supported by 294 MPs.

In addition, the Ukrainian Parliament recommended to the Cabinet of Ministers and the Kyiv city administration to forbid any construction work, if any, not directly related to the safety of the object of historical and cultural heritage until the moment while the Cabinet will not make it into the state register of monuments.

The Parliament also ordered city officials to inform residents of Kyiv on the stage of passing of the finds at the Postal square, with the aim to lower the degree of social tension.

At the same time, the resolution does not mean that the Museum at the Postal square will be created, because in the document there are two important points that concern the residents:

— it says nothing about the termination of the investment agreement with the company “Hansford-Ukraine”;

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— the resolution mentions the preservation of monuments, but no mention of the creation Museum.