Scientists from the USA found a new way to treat hypertension

Ученые из США нашли новый способ лечения гипертонии

Additive containing beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BOMC) help to get rid of hypertension – this discovery was made by scientists from the University of Toledo in the United States.

Reports, BMC is synthesized in the liver in the metabolism of fatty acids. Studies have shown that the development of this substance depends on external factors, according to MedicalXpress.

So, a large amount of salt reduces the level of BOMC, and a reasonable calorie deficit and exercise, on the contrary, contribute to the synthesis.

Scientists have suggested that beta-hydroxybutyric acid helps to normalize high blood pressure. They conducted experiments on lab rats who were given a substance that stimulates the production of BMC. As a result, rodents decreased inflammation in the kidney associated with hypertension.

Now the researchers plan to test the levels of BOMB in the body people suffering from high blood pressure, and to determine the need for therapy the amount of acid.

After that, scientists will begin clinical trials of supplements.