Scientists: global warming to blame first animals on Earth

Ученые: В глобальном потеплении виноваты первые животные на Земле

Global warming is to blame first animals on Earth, says a team of researchers from Akterskogo University in the UK.

Reports the problem scientists see in bioturbation — mixing of the surface layers of sediments on the ocean floor the first organisms appeared about 540 million years ago, which are actively moving, bottom sediment, like earthworms in the ground. At the same time they actively fed on the accumulated reserves of organic matter, which together have led to changes in the composition of soil and water and release vast quantities of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases. This has led to global warming and mass extinction triggered his animals.

Experts have studied the structure of organic deposits by age ranges from 520 to 540 million years from the ocean floor and turned the data into a mathematical model of the evolution of life on Earth. As it turned out, changes in the structure of bottom sediments coincide with the beginning of the first organisms.

Now the microorganisms still affect the Earth’s climate, the researchers note, although not on this scale.