Scientists have created a unique ointment for wounds and scars

Ученые создали уникальную мазь для ран и шрамов

Chinese scientists have created a gel that acts on the wound, leaves the skin without scars. The main component of the ointment is sericin, which is part of the silk produced by the caterpillars.

Reports later the substance was applied ultraviolet rays, and photoinitiator to form cross-links protein chains.

The result is a gel that rests on the damaged skin without the response of the organism and stimulates the growth of blood vessels. Cell regeneration occurs in such a way that scar tissue does not occur.

Scientists say that the formation of scars is exposed to millions of people every year. Development, they have assured me, is the most effective of all available drugs today. It is expected that after conducting a multilevel analysis, the gel will go on massive sale.