Scientists have documented powerful a repeating signal from Space

Ученые зафиксировали мощный повторяющийся сигнал из Космоса

Ученые зафиксировали мощный повторяющийся сигнал из Космоса

Scientists noticed a quick re-flash radio (FRB) coming from deep space.

According to The Independent, like a radio signal, the researchers were able to capture the second time in the entire history of observations. These flashes last only milliseconds, but they are thrown with the same amount of energy produced by the Sun within 12 months.

Most notably in the new discovery that the researchers were able to capture from 6 repetitions fast radiospace. 60 FRB currently known repeated only one.

“Until now, there was only one known repeated FRB. Knowing that there is one, it can be assumed that there may be more. And with a large number of relays and sources, available for study, we can understand these cosmic puzzles — where they are and what causes them,” said Ingrid Stairs, UBC astrophysicist and one of the researchers.

For the first time a fast radio bursts were observed in 2007, however the recognized explanation, they have not received so far. There are various hypotheses about their origin, ranging from explosions of stars to the signals from the aliens.

Earlier, artificial intelligence has recorded 72 unidentified radio pulses from the distant galaxies of deep space. They originate from the galaxy, located at a distance of 3 billion light years from Earth.