Scientists have found a surprising fact about dogs

Ученые выяснили удивительный факт о собаках

The results of the experiment, British scientists have found that dogs are able to perceive different situations from a human point of view much better, than was considered till now, informs BBC.

The researchers ‘ work was published in the journal Animal Cognition, it was attended by 84 experimental animals. The purpose of the study is to identify whether the dog understand how to perceive the reality of their masters.

As a result, it was found that if to the human eye in the room is pretty dark (lights go out), the dog stealing food is about 4 times more often, which, according to scientists, may be evidence that these four-legged animals can change their behavior, given the peculiarities of human behavior. In this case, dogs distinguished between the situation where the owners could see and not to see them.

British scientists have proved the ability of dogs to perceive the world through the eyes of people

Dr. Julianne Kaminski of Portsmouth University says that work conducted by scientists has proved the ability of dogs to understand that people can’t see them in the dark, which in turn means that they are able to assess the situation from the point of view of the person.

According to experts, the scientists obtained data can be used to better understand the abilities of dogs are in close contact with people, such as guide dogs.

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