Scientists have found a “switch” aging of the human body

Ученые нашли «выключатель» старения человеческого организма

Now you are puzzled how it should be pressed to prolong youth.

In the MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov was born a new hypothesis of biological aging of a biological organism. Researchers under the direction of academician Vladimir Skulachev found her in the cells, called the “power plants” or mitochondria.

Useful activity of mitochondria lies in the energy of our cells. However, it became clear that useful energy “power plant” at a certain stage of life start to generate reactive oxygen species that damage proteins and contribute to mutations in DNA. It is just the aging process when the body loses its ability to heal itself.

It was noticed long ago, but not been in touch with the fact that the beginning of generation of active oxygen is not an accident, and the program laid down by nature.

According to our hypothesis, such a coordinated increase in production of reactive oxygen species in aging must be somehow programmed in the body, – said head of the laboratory for molecular mechanisms of aging Moscow state University, Mikhail High.

It seems that scientists were able to confirm their suspicions. In the mitochondria was discovered a special mechanism that prevents the production of reactive oxygen species. Up to a certain age, this mechanism in cells works, but then just shuts down and the body begins to rapidly weaken.

Theory was confirmed in practice with laboratory animals. In conventional mice this protective mechanism ceases to function already in the second year of life. But the naked mole rat, known lifetime, working for many years, protecting the mitochondria from the appearance in them of active oxygen.

Now it remains to find out at what age disables anti-aging in humans, what does it depend and how to affect the “switch” to prolong youth.


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