Scientists have found radioactive source

Ученые нашли нашли радиоактивный источник

Under East Antarctica may be a geothermal source of heat, which previously nothing was known – such conclusion was made by scientists analyzing the dynamics of melting ice.

Reports according to radar, which penetrated the almost three-kilometer thick ice in the area melts from the bottom up. Meltwater flow down and fill the ice cavities, forming a whole lake.

Scientists noted that a melting probably began thousands or even millions of years ago. This process is not too intense, but in the long term can accelerate the decay rate of the glaciers.

According to the researchers, the rocks that lie at the bottom of Antarctica and the surrounding hot springs can be radioactive. This contradicts an early theory, which States that the continent consists of ancient, cold plates, does not affect the ice shell.

Further research should show whether there are in Antarctica other similar “hot spots”, and how they can affect the melting of ice.