Scientists have managed to slow the growth of brain tumor

Ученым удалось замедлить рост опухоли головного мозга

A group of international scientists were able to slow the growth of cells, which provoke the development of brain tumor – glioblastoma. Using substances KHS101 experts have damaged the mitochondria of malignant tumors, without harming healthy cells.

The experiment the researchers conducted a rodent, they transplanted glioblastoma cells from human. One group of mice were given KHS101, and other experimental specimens received vitamins. In the first group the rate of tumor growth decreased by 50%, reports

Now scientists are preparing for other studies, and we also intend to optimize the substance is pharmacologically. Only then the drug can be tested on humans.

But now experts are sure that the substance KHS101 will help to overcome a brain tumor, which is considered one of the most difficult because of the impossibility to get near her.