Scientists have named four products that affect the attractiveness of the face

Ученые назвали четыре продукта, влияющие на привлекательность лица

The German experts gave advice on what to eat, so that the skin long kept fresh and youthful appearance. These are products, which contain carotenoids. You can eat them raw, prepare them in various dishes.

We are talking about vegetables. This carrots, tomatoes and pepper. In particular, the tomatoes and tomato paste contains lycopene a carotenoid – according to experts, it brings the skin the benefits more than expensive skincare. Tomato paste experts advise to put in soups and also to prepare on its basis the various sauces and dressings.

Also for the health and beauty of skin, scientists recommend eating omega-3 fatty acids. To make up for their shortage in the body can be, if you cook a couple times a week fatty fish – herring, mackerel or salmon.

Experts advise not to keen on the desserts – sweet negatively affect the state of the skin making it flabby.


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