Scientists have studied people playing violent video games

Ученые исследовали людей, играющих в жестокие видеоигры

Violent video games linked to players insensitivity to the suffering of others, I find the specialists from the University of New South Wales.

The study was attended by 85 boys and girls 18-19 years, reports

One group of scientists have identified those who are devoted to video games featuring scenes of violence, from five hours per week. The control group did not play video games. Participants viewed a rapidly changing series of pictures — mostly of neutral landscapes, among which there are two or rotated 90 degrees to the image. The volunteers had to determine left or right rotated image.

Periodically inverted before pictures, there were images of people, objects or animals. They could be emotionally neutral, depict scenes of violence or something unpleasant (e.g., pictures of dirty toilet).

If all the pictures were neutral, both groups with the same accuracy determined which way is turned upside-down pictures. However, in the case of the violent gamers were less receptive to them and gave more accurate responses than the control group that the violence was unsettled.

The researchers emphasize that the results do not indicate that games lead to immunity of the images of violence — perhaps people initially perceive violence more emotional, just don’t play games, which it is. The results do not imply that the gamers themselves become more aggressive and prone to violence.