Scientists have uncovered new facts about black holes

Ученые раскрыли новые факты о черных дырах

A mathematician from the University of California at Berkeley proved that equations of the theory of relativity of albert Einstein suggest that within certain black holes, the past conditional of the observer is erased and there are various options for the future.

This refutes one of the fundamental cosmological theories — theory of “cosmic censorship”, reports

Almost half a century ago a distinguished British physicist and mathematician Roger Penrose first formulated the theory of “cosmic censorship”. It takes on the Universe of the philosophical principle of determinism — determinism of the future, because the past cannot be changed. Penrose agree that inside a singularity, i.e. a black hole could be the point at which past conditional of the observer is erased and the future is infinitely variable. But, according to the scientist, to get there even theoretically impossible, because each singularity is separated from the usual deterministic Universe insurmountable event horizon.

Peter Hintz, a mathematician from the University of California at Berkeley challenged the authority of Penrose. His calculations show that in the case of some types of black holes in an expanding Universe such as ours, the observer could survive the transition beyond the event horizon of a deterministic world in a non-deterministic, where his past would be erased, and the future became uncertain.

What kind of life would be in space, where the past is gone and the future has an infinite number of options is not clear. But the conclusion of Hintsa does not mean that the equations of the General theory of relativity, which are still perfectly describe the evolution of the Universe, is wrong, says the author of the discovery.

“As far as I know, no physicist is not going to travel inside a black hole and measure the processes occurring within it. This is a purely mathematical problem, and my proposed solution makes the Einstein equations mathematically more interesting, says Hintz. — This is a question that can really be explored mathematically, but the answer is physical, almost philosophical consequences, making the solution of the riddle of the past is erased with the event horizon of a very cool occupation”.

Observation of one of the black holes have confirmed the correctness of albert Einstein. A 20-year experiment to study the motion of a pair of stars orbiting the black hole at the center of our Galaxy, showed that everything happens in full accordance with the General theory of relativity.