Scientists have uncovered yet another way how to prevent diabetes

Ученые раскрыли еще один способ, как предотвратить сахарный диабет

British researchers conducted experiments and concluded that taking a hot bath prevents diabetes, calms the mind and even slows down the aging process. In addition, it is known for its relaxing properties. But in this pleasant procedure, there are other useful properties.

Especially important full immersion in warm water. The surface should remain only the head. Thus, the effect of the useful properties of this procedure increases. The sugar level in the blood returns to normal, and circulation improves. In addition, warm water helps reduce the stress hormone in the body, thereby rejuvenating it.

Taking a shower, according to scientists, the bath loses its beneficial properties. In this case, the trickle of water only relax and relieve body stress.

Currently, many older people believe that high temperature can be brought down, if immersed in cold water. According to American studies, this theory is a fallacy and not worth it to practice on yourself. Otherwise you can only harm your body, writes “Today”.