Scientists named the easiest way to increase the potency

Ученые назвали самый простой способ повысить потенцию

Clarified the mystery of the most prolific men

Scientists from Harvard University found that men who are “family” cowards concentration of spermatozoa in seminal fluid are higher than those who prefer a more slinky underwear.

The results were published in the journal Human Reproduction, reports

In order that the sperm has been updated regularly, in the testes must always be maintained a certain temperature. As a rule, it is always two degrees below body temperature. Only under these conditions can a normal spermatogenesis. Stretching and Contracting, cremastinae muscle pulls the testicles if necessary, to the upper part of the scrotum. When needed, she puts the eggs back to its usual place. This occurs in the case of fluctuating environment temperature.

The researchers collected data on 656 men 18-56 years, 2000-2017 years treated at the Massachusetts hospital for treatment of infertility. Each of them provided samples of semen and blood, and also told you what kind of underwear was worn for the last three months, and answered a few questions about the way of life.

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