Scientists: on the Inside of the Earth is a black hole

Ученые: Внутри Земли растет черная дыра

This time of catastrophic and fatal scenario for the fate of the planet is presented not conspiracy theorists, and physicists, representatives of academic science that makes trouble to think about the near future.

Reports according to American scientists, the big Bang is inevitable, since the inside of the Earth is a black hole. Researched recently spotted in Antarctica, mysterious radio pulses, erupting from beneath the earth’s crust and thickness of ice. Careful analysis has shown that such signals can be derived of a powerful neutrino flux, similar to those in space emit black holes. Version of unknown underground civilization was rejected. Things are much more serious.

At the moment there are two main hypotheses disturbing phenomenon. First, you can prove long-standing theory about what is happening inside the Earth of thermonuclear processes, such as those that occur in the Sun. This, by the way, it is possible to explain global warming and the unusually hot summer. Secondly, fulfilled the warning of some scientists and the Large hadron Collider was the cause of the formation of the black hole, which, as we know, always tends to the growth and absorption of matter.