Scientists predict the Earth’s climate 3 million of limitations by 2030

Ученые предрекают Земле климат 3 миллионной давности к 2030 году

If the world will continue the current level of CO₂ emissions, in 2030 the inhabitants of the planet we can expect the climate that prevailed 3 million years ago. This is stated in the study, researchers published in the journal of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS).

Note that 3 million years ago, our planet was very hot and dry in Central America is under water, Greenland was not covered with ice, and the sea level was 18 meters above the DW. However, one of the authors of the analysis, an expert on climate, University of Wisconsin Jack Williams believes that Greenland becomes green, the sea level also will increase to 18 meters, as the rate of ice melting is not so high. He noted that warming may disappear many types of creatures.

Another group of scientists admitted that even in the Paris climate agreement and emission reductions will not stop the consequences of climate change.

Earlier, the UN said that the world needs urgent action to stop climate chaos. The organization believes that climate change will lead to greater conflicts.