Scientists recommend to abandon products containing TRANS fats

Ученые рекомендуют отказаться от продуктов, содержащих трансжиры

Scientists from Yale University found that exclusion from the diet foods high in TRANS fats can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, according to the official website of the University.

The researchers came to this conclusion after studying the statistics of hospital admissions in new York state for the years 2002-2013. Where the people have restricted the use of TRANS fats, the number of patients with heart attack and stroke decreased by six percent, says

“Exclusion from the diet of TRANS fats can greatly reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack… the Ban of TRANS fats at the state level can be a real victory for millions of people,” said one of the study’s authors.

Also, many health organizations, including who, recommend completely abandon products containing TRANS fats.