Scientists revealed new facts about global warming

Ученые рассказали новые факты о глобальном потеплении

In the process the melting of permafrost in the atmosphere contained in the soil carbon, which may negatively affect climate change on the planet. This was stated by a group of scientists from the Netherlands and the UK.

As reports, the scientists analyzed the substance in the waters of the North-Western part of Canada in the summer, when the melting of permafrost soil. They are found in lakes and rivers increased content of “ancient” carbon and carbon dioxide. Gases may be contained in plant residues, which are in frozen soil.

Analysis of the carbon content in the Arctic waters of Canada was complicated by the fact that scientists still are not sure what amount of gas should be emitted into the atmosphere, without adjustment for climate change. It is important to note that in the strata of water may be contained as “ancient” and recently trapped in permafrost carbon.

Scientists emphasize that the data are quite alarming and demonstrates the negative impact of such processes on the rate of global warming.