Scientists said about the ecological disaster in the Black sea

Ученые заявили об экологической катастрофе в Черном море

The researchers say that the Black sea turns into a fetid swamp in which die life. As journalists found out, this happens due to the increase in water level of hydrogen sulfide.

How to write News, that about 90% of the Black sea, filled with hydrogen sulfide, the scientists said in the nineteenth century, clean water was only 10% of the total volume in it. Now, as stated in the publication, a layer of hydrogen sulfide rises in some places over the surface to tens of meters.

Citing studies, the publication writes that “the upper desalinated layer is poorly mixed with the heavy bottom layer of hydrogen sulfide and no reason to panic yet.” It is noted that the gas comes to the surface in small quantities and comes out in the form of small bubbles. However, the release of hydrogen sulfide could occur as a result of the cataclysm. It happened during the earthquake in Yalta in 1927.

The publication writes that the Kherson researchers recommend to solve the problem radically and set the pipe on a hundred-meter depth in order that the gas could come to the surface. It can be used as fuel.

At the same time, foreign scientists two years ago said that “while maintaining the trend to global warming and release at sea of industrial waste in a few decades the Black sea will be dead.”

It is reported that the level of oxygen in the Black sea is steadily declining. Because of this, there are disappearing living organisms.

As the newspaper writes, “the catastrophe will bring the implementation of plans “Ukrhydroenergo” on the construction of six hydroelectric power stations in the upper reaches of the Dniester”. It is noted that, as stated by the Professor of the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova Elena Zubkova, “because those plants, the waters of the Dniester will simply never reaches the Black sea and then the hydrogen sulfide will rise to the surface, and life will be destroyed in a radius of 300 kilometers.”

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