Scientists: spicy food may be the cause of nightmares

Ученые: острая пища может быть причиной ночных кошмаров

Experts said that spicy food that we eat before heading to bed can cause nightmares.

Doctors attribute this to the fact that as a result of night raids on the fridge speeds up the metabolism in our body and increases its temperature. All this leads to the fact that the brain begins to work more actively. And, as a rule, during REM sleep, when people see dreams.

Experts conducted an experiment, which was attended by almost 400 people. Almost 8.5% of study participants stated that they had seen the nightmares thanks to the food.

Experts advise not to get involved before bed spicy and heavy food. Some scholars have pointed out that in addition to the spicy and fatty nightmares can be caused by dairy products. As explained by experts, some people are particularly sensitive to the chemical composition of certain products.


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