Scientists spoke about the history of the milky Way

							Ученые рассказали об истории Млечного Пути

Our galaxy is about 10 billion years ago, swallowed another, smaller galaxy, said scientists from the Groningen University in the Netherlands. They studied a group of 30 thousand of stars moving in a direction other than that in which it moves the rest of the stars of the milky Way.

It was also found that these stars contain fewer heavy elements, suggesting their ancient origin. When a computer simulation of the movement of this group of stars, scientists have determined that they are the remnants of the galaxy, which the milky Way merged about 10 billion years ago. She was not more than 25% of the size of our galaxy and included 600 thousand stars.

The merger has greatly changed the milky Way, and it appeared the sleeves of the young and fast stars, and old stars formed the Central disk.

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