Scientists: the air in the car is dangerous to health

Ученые: Воздух в автомобиле опасен для здоровья

Recent extensive research by Western scientists has shown that the air in the car for a long time stood locked can be hazardous to health.

The fact that the raw material for the production of various substances used in the equipment of the vehicle, is the chemical compound benzene. Benzene is contained in synthetic rubber, plastic, dyes and so on, reports Med2.

After the car stood for several hours locked, even in the shade, the concentration of benzene in the air inside the car is about 600 mg If the locked car was in the sun, at high temperatures, the concentration of benzene could reach 2000 mg. and above, exceeding, thus, the maximum allowable level, in tens times.

Benzene, as well as dozens of other volatile organic compounds can be emitted from carpet and vinyl surfaces in the car, seats, steering wheels, and so on.

The more the vehicle is driven, the lower is the level of the mentioned substances. Still, the researchers recommend, before you go, ventilate the car for at least ten minutes.

Photo by Alexandra Butylki (archive FOTOmedia)