Scientists told about the mysterious object near the Milky Way

Ученые рассказали о загадочном объекте рядом с Млечным Путем

Found by astronomers?

An international team of astronomers from the U.S. and Spain, explained the origin of the astronomical object Segue 1, which was considered a dwarf spheroidal galaxy or a ball accumulation.

According to the researchers, it is more likely that Segue 1 is a galaxy, captured by the gravity of the milky Way. The Tape is referring to the edition of the Science Alert.

Segue 1 — dim satellite of our Galaxy, and its luminosity does not exceeds the total luminosity of 300 Suns, which is very small for typical globular clusters. It consists of old stars with low metal content, indicating that possible galaxy originated in the early Universe, when the first or second generation of stars have not yet become a supernova, synthesizing and spreading heavy elements.

The researchers calculated the trajectory of Segue 1 and found that the object rotates around the milky Way with a periodicity of 600 million years. It is typical for dwarf galaxies. The most probable scenario of its emergence, about eight billion years ago Segue 1 has been captured by our Galaxy. Another option suggests that aggregation was a companion colliding with the Milky Way galaxy is larger, but the probability of this is slightly more than 25 percent.

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