Scientists told about the new dangers of mobile phones

Ученые рассказали об новой опасности мобильных телефонов

As gradually as not to be blinded

The blue light from smartphone screen causes loss of view because it leads to the formation in the body toxic chemicals.

This publication reports Science Alert, reports RIA Novosti.

Scientists at the University of Toledo in the United States conducted a study, during which studied the effects of light in blue, blue and violet range of the spectrum on the cells of the retina. It turned out that in this case the formation of the twisted shape of retinal is a derivative of vitamin A, are affecting the fabric.

According to experts, the inability of the organism to cope with the toxic substance causes the cell membrane disrupts the function of the phospholipids, resulting in increased calcium levels, after which the cells change shape and die. The consequence of this process is macular degeneration, which impairs visual acuity and gradually leads to blindness.

The researchers emphasize that in today’s world people are unlikely to fully protect yourself from blue light, but the call rarely use smartphones, or at least to change the screen settings and enable a more warm light.

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