Scientists told how to choose underwear men

Учені розповіли, як правильно вибирати спідню білизну чоловікам

What kind of underwear it is better to choose men

If you like bottoms – we have not very good news. According to scientists, boxers or boxers – the perfect kind of underwear that perfectly affect sexual desire.

Experts claim that the choice of underwear can affect sperm quality. Or rather, indicators of mobility, as well as the total number.

Scientists from Harvard University identified that the concentration and the sperm quality higher in men who wear loose shorts. The more motile the sperm, the faster they move and the higher the chance of fertilization.

Sperm are produced almost throughout the conscious life of men, but their production slows down, and the quality is significantly reduced after about 70 years.

Учені розповіли, як правильно вибирати спідню білизну чоловікам

Free underwear has a positive effect on sexual life

It is established that the temperature in the region of the penis should be slightly lower than average body temperature. However, if men wear tight shorts, and the temperature is rising, and this affects the quality of sperm.

So if you are planning on children – think about wearing free underwear.

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