Scientists told how to prolong human life

Ученые рассказали, как можно продлить жизнь человека

Quitting Smoking and alcohol, healthy eating, low weight and regular exercise on average, prolong the life of a man at least ten years, say scientists from Harvard University.

“Our study showed that a healthy lifestyle remains the main way to prolong life,” said study leader Frank Hu.

Reports in order to come to such conclusions, the doctors analyzed data gathered during 30 years of observations of the health of about 40 thousand nurses and doctors.
Comparing the life expectancy of healthy doctors and their colleagues, who suffered from obesity, bad habits and sedentary lifestyle, Hu and his colleagues found that all of these problems takes 12-14 years of life.

So, on average, men and women, observe all the five fundamental principles of a healthy lifestyle, lived to 87 and 93, while the remaining study participants had lasted only until 75 and 79 years respectively.

As scholars have noted, the increase in life expectancy is due mainly to two things: drop the probability of developing cancer by 65% and almost halve the likelihood of dying from strokes, heart attacks and other serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Hopes Hu, the popularization of these simple rules will help US to return to the trend of increasing life expectancy, cut short at the end of the last century.

Nevertheless, the scientist said that now almost no one observes a healthy lifestyle, and politicians and officials need to make serious efforts in order to create an environment in which proper diet, exercise and no bad habits become popular among the population.