Scientists told how to quickly get rid of stress

Ученые рассказали, как быстро избавиться от стресса

Scientists have found a direct correlation between running and improving the properties of memory. In this case, reducing the negative impact of constant stress.

This part of the brain contributes to the work of certain segments. Thus, the activity of neurons increases, writes

Experiments conducted on laboratory mice by researchers from the American University. As the experts said, at the moment Jogging discovered positive changes. Recording of information that enters the brain is in the mode without load in case of activation of synaptic transmission of two successive neurons. Mouse running in the wheel, showed a high level of the same term potentiation, in contrast to those brethren that were in a calm state for the duration of the experiment. Running of the rodents after the experiments less wrong in executing the tasks of preserving memory in the passage of the maze.