Scriabin’s widow told how to relate to the marriage of the daughter

Вдова Скрябина рассказала, как относится к браку дочери

Last year, the daughter of Kuzma married.

In December last year, the only daughter of Kuzma Scriabin Barbara got married. The widow of musician Svetlana babiychuk admitted, as it relates to the husband of his daughter and controls whether their married life. Svetlana gave a small interview to the program “social life”.

“I probably was not a classic wife, so I can’t be a classic … mother-in-law. Yeah, I can’t even begin to utter the word, I don’t know what it is! So I’m not really interfering in their lives. I don’t care what they eat, I’m interested in what they want to in this life and as they develop career and your relationships. But I’m only an observer, they should go your way and most importantly, that they were happy”, – said babiychuk.


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