Sebastian soon in LPDLA6, you tackle violently Fiji Ruiz, Dylan and Zaven (VIDEO)

S?bastien Princes and Princesses of Love 2 balance that Bryan is going to find Zaven in The Angels 11 and critical Fiji Ruiz, Dylan and the program of W9 !

After Dita LPDLA6, who relies on Nikola Lozina and Laura Lempika, S?bastien Daddy who will soon be back on W9 as a prince fart shot on Snapchat and makes explosive revelations ! Zaven and Sabrina would be ready to take on Bryan in the second part of the filming of Angels, 11, and Sebastian responds cash that it is in his country at Miami and that “the first key, the feds arrive and put Zaven in the plane for France, and for ten years it will be forbidden territory“. The drafting of melty’ll let you see below is the result of the video, where he talks about LPDLA6 !

He followed it up with Fiji Ruiz, who caused a scandal with Dylan and Hakim and grows a huge rant from LPDLA6 : “It is a hunger in the Fiji, but she has a boyfriend… she says that She has no boyfriend, she is hungry then she has a guy at home. Disgusting” ! One can imagine that they were not very buddies on the shooting… S?bastien tackle also the hopefuls, new arrivals and Dylan, who have criticised the feet of Ratiba. For him, the prince is proof of arrogance of being bare-chested in front of two mistresses and showing himself to be blas?… We are in a hurry (or not) to see in the program !