Secondary and tertiary tariffs for medical services in Ukraine – Petrenko told what it means

Вторичные и третичные тарифы на медуслуги в Украине - Петренко рассказал, что это значит

Soon Ukraine will introduce the tariffs for medical services secondary and tertiary level who are expected to need to cover the cost of medical services per patient in 90% of cases. About this informed the head of the National health service of Ukraine Oleg Petrenko in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

According to him, NSSW is like a “little medical Finance Ministry,” distributing a certain amount of money on health care.

“We will pay for the treated cases on the basis of the tariff. The base rate will include depreciation of equipment, doctors, medications. This rate, which includes everyone and works in 90% of cases,” – said Petrenko.

In addition, he added that the remaining 10% when the services are specialized and with the use of expensive drugs, you will need to “invest” a certain amount in excess of the tariff. Also, the “additional financing” may be paid from the state budget.

“The budget’s not bottomless. Our task is to effectively and fairly distribute the funds that the Parliament decides to allocate to health care. We operate a clear, transparent and binding rules that everybody understands”, – said the head of NCSU.

As informed you earlier, the head of NCSU told about the basic rate for one adult patient.