Security guard yanked at Walmart : the victim was dragged several meters

Gardien de sécurité happé au Walmart : la victime a été traînée sur plusieurs mètres

The event took place in the environs of 17 h, Saturday.

April 4, 2020

Updated April 6, 2020 at 9: 42


Security guard yanked at Walmart : the victim was dragged several meters

Gardien de sécurité happé au Walmart : la victime a été traînée sur plusieurs mètres

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The security guard of Walmart Galeries quatre-Saisons, which is sucked into a client frustrated in the car Saturday was drawn out over several metres, depending on the police Service of Sherbrooke. “The driver has performed a manoeuvre to bring down the man who has suffered very serious head injuries,” says the organization.

The motorist, 25-year-old was arrested and interrogated by the SPS. “He should face charges of assault with a weapon with a vehicle, aggravated assault and hit-and-run. It should possibly appear in court today “, assesses the police service in a press release, recalling that the victim of 35 years continue to struggle for his life. The security guards would be the father of five children according to what The Tribune has learned.

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Sociofinancement: 43 000 $ collected for the family of the victim of the Walmart

“A client with his wife has wanted to get at Walmart, but not respecting the rules of the trade for a customer at a time per vehicle, says the SPS. A security officer had to intervene and the two people have left the trade. The altercation continued in the parking lot. At some point, the client frustrated directly dark with his vehicle on the employee along the same on the bonnet for several metres. The suspects fled, but the investigation resulted in the evening of the find in a home of Sherbrooke. “

According to a source aware of the incident, the motorist would have given more shots of the steering wheel to bring down the security guard. The latter would have suffered serious head injuries. A pool of blood was still visible in the parking lot of the trade Sunday morning.

On Facebook, the brother of the victim sad of the situation. “It’s going to go well? This is what we are trying all to say in this difficult time… my brother, he was trying to help by enforcing the rules every single day as a security officer… The night we went through the province [to] install plexiglass to protect our cashiers in the grocery store, we help as we can. Yesterday, we went to pick up my brother after his work, but it is a crime scene that we have found… because someone refused social distancing, it is said that attempting to carry my brother to his five children and his wife can be to always relieve his frustration “, he wrote.

The director of the SPS, Danny McConnell, is launching a call for calm. “I insist on the fact that the population has to respect the agents and employees of the businesses that do only apply the measures of social distancing imposed by the government of Québec to reduce the risk of contagion in public spaces and protect the health and safety of the people of sherbrooke. The non-observance of the rules put in place by traders to justify the employees to refuse the access to trade to the citizens and offenders. A refusal to comply could constitute a violation of municipal, for which the police will be justified to intervene in support of the merchants “, expresses he.

The agents of the Sûreté du Québec cooperate in the investigation of the SPS. Experts went on-site. “All of the assumptions on the circumstances surrounding the accident are still being investigated. “

Gardien de sécurité happé au Walmart : la victime a été traînée sur plusieurs mètres

The Tribune, Michelle Boulay

Reactions abound

In an exchange of e-mail, Steeve Azoulay, senior director, public affairs at Walmart said: “the safety of our associates, subcontractors and customers is a top priority at Walmart. We were very saddened to learn of this incident.”

“We are deeply saddened by this aggression not caused in times of national crisis where we all try to enforce the regulations that are urgent to be implemented by our government, for its part, stated TITAN security, the security firm where worked the victim. We wish our agent a full recovery and we will support as well as his family in these difficult times. “

A campaign sociofinancement has been launched to help the family of the victim. Over the noon hour Sunday, a little more than $ 1000 had been raised. With Simon Roberge

Legault reacts

The incident had echoes during the press briefing daily of prime minister François Legault.

“Unfortunately there are fools in our society, the prime minister said in response to a question in English. But I have not heard that it happened a lot in Quebec. What happened to Sherbrooke is unacceptable. They already had a guard and it is the guard that was hit, what they can do against it? “

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